Martial Arts is a proven technique that allows you to gain a greater understanding of not only self-defense, but also of your inner self.  Through the practice of Martial Arts, an individual can progress, both physically and mentally, to reach a higher level of purpose and confidence that exudes to all you meet.

Whether you are 3 or 103, Mikki Bort's Martial Arts Studio can help you achieve all of your goals.  Through classes that address the learning style of each generation, Master Bort will open possibilities that you had before thought impossible.

All classes and progression are student-centric, moving as fast or slow as is necessary for you to achieve your own individual goals.  Knowledgeable, experienced teachers are available at each class to help you with your questions, or initiate you into a new technique.

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Master Mikki Bort


5th Dan
Master Bort has been an active martial artist for over 20 years.  Starting while still in middle school, Master Bort quickly moved up the ranks to become an instructor.  Since then, she has been active in both the martial arts and local community, hosting tournaments, fund raisers, and women's self-defense classes for local groups.